How do I support SLCAP?
Please navigate to "downloads" and download the participation form or contact us on (011) 485-2575. We are asking you to commit to a monthly debit order to help ensure that SLCAP can continue to keep the levels of violent crime as low as possible. Should you wish to make a larger donation, please contact us. Any contribution is welcome.

Do SLCAP staff members have special training?
Only people with military and special operations backgrounds are employed as tactical response officers. All staff members are put through stringent security tests which include polygraphs.

Who runs SLCAP?
SLCAP forms part of the Community Active Protection ("CAP") initiative, which was started by the Chief Rabbi in Glenhazel. SLCAP is run by a small group of individuals on a voluntary basis, the central committee.

What does SLCAP offer?
It includes a single point of contact for all residents including an Incident Command & Control Centre, high performance vehicles patrolling our suburbs on a 24/7/365 basis and spotter points at a number of locations.

What is a spotter point?
All residents should drive through one of the 4 spotter points in the area to avoid residents being followed. The spotter points are specifically located in areas with low traffic volumes. If you are suspicious or feel that you are being followed, take the extra two or three minutes and drive through a spotter point. Flash your vehicle lights and hoot at the spotter point and our tactical response officers will respond.

CAP Emergency Number
0861 227 227
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