About SLCAP
SLCAP is an acronym for Senderwood Linksfield Community Active Protection. In this section, you will find what we want from you, crime statistics for the Senderwood, St Andrews and Linksfield areas since SLCAP's inception, the history of SLCAP and your SCLAP committee.

What we want from you
SLCAP is an initiative by the neighbourhood, for the neighbourhood. If you live and/or work in the SLCAP area demarcated on the map, we need your support to ensure that the SLCAP initiative is sustained. Thanks to the generous contributions of our neighbours in the SLCAP area, we managed to raise over R4 million to kickstart the initiative by purchasing response vehicles and hiring highly Trained personnel.

There is no doubt that the initiative is achieving its objective. Now that the initial capital outlay has been made, we need to ensure that SLCAP can continue to keep criminal activities out of our area by obtaining a monthly contribution from each resident. We need you to indicate your participation by faxing or emailing the participation form.

Crime statistics
Since the initiative was started in November 2007, incidents of contact crime have plummeted more than 90% from a high of 56 in the month preceding SLCAP's involvement. View monthly incident reports for more information on SLCAP's activities. For tips on crime safety, view our newsletters.

SLCAP was formed in November 2007, following the success of other CAP initiatives in Glenhazel, Sydenham, Waverley and Houghton. Community Active Patrol (CAP) was conceptualized by Chief Rabbi Goldstein and implemented in Glenhazel in 2006. The initiative was so successful in curbing crime in that area, reducing contact crime by over 80%, that it has been replicated in a number of suburbs. This has demonstrated that ordinary citizens need not be helpless victims but, through working together, can meaningfully address the problems that face them. CAP is the umbrella company for the various area CAP initiatives. It is a section 21 (non-profit) organization, as are each of the committees, and these are run by small groups of volunteer community members. Committee members earn no remuneration for their involvement, choosing to do so out of a commitment to crime-free neighbourhoods.

Your SLCAP committee
SLCAP's committee comprises 7 members, all of whom live or work in Senderwood, Linksfield or St Andrews. A number of sub-committees have also been formed, which focus on various aspects of SLCAP, and these sub-committees meet regularly. The full committee meets on a monthly basis.

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0861 227 227
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